The world's first and only Singing Usherettes!

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Let The Candy Girls serve you up a taste of a bygone era and bring instant ‘40s and ‘50s vintage glamour to your event or party.


The Singing Usherettes will get your evening started in style, weaving through the audience singing in beautiful three-part harmony, distributing sweets (or your own personalised merchandise) as they go, before performing a rip-roaring set full of classic hits and modern songs that have been given a retro makeover.


This unique act will enliven your evening and enrapture your guests! Perfect for corporate events, weddings, tea parties and vintage/wartime themed events.


The Singing Usherettes can also offer a whole set of modern day songs done in the enchanting vintage style and can perform with a full live backing band (4 piece or 7 piece), with backing tracks or a cappella.