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What are the performance options?

The Candy Girls perform either with a backing band (4-piece line up includes drums, bass, guitar and keyboards and the 7-piece line up adds trombone, trumpet and saxophone), with high quality backing tracks or a cappella (this means without music, just voices). For the singing waiter experience, the best option is to have backing tracks or a cappella – if your guests see a band setting up, the surprise will be ruined!



How long will they play for?

The Candy Girls standard set lengths are 2 x 45 minutes with band/backing tracks, 2 x 25 minutes a cappella and 15-20 minutes for the singing waiter option but they can be totally flexible depending on your requirements. You can also combine two options i.e. 15 minute singing waiter experience, followed by a one-hour band set later on – they will work around your needs!



What areas do The Candy Girls cover?
The band is based in London and the South East but are happy to play anywhere in the world!



Will they need a PA or special lighting or any other requirements?
They will supply their own PA suitable for events up to 500 people. They also supply stage lighting. All they need is a few plug sockets and a room to get changed/leave belongings in.



Do The Candy Girls take song requests?
Yes – they can take up to 2 special requests per booking but require 4 weeks notice.



Can I choose the set list?

The Candy Girls are happy to consult with you on the set list for your event and will take your musical tastes and requests into account but they ask that you trust them and leave the final decisions to them. There are many factors involved in determining the order and composition of the set list, such tempos, audience reaction and participation etc and they have years of experience creating set lists that work for different events and audiences.


What venues will they play?
The Candy Girls perform at a wide variety of venues – from Theatres and Cruise ships, to Festivals, Hotels, Village halls and Social clubs. They will also perform in marquees or outdoors, weather permitting.  



How much space does the act need?
This depends on the line up and type of show you choose – if you would like The Candy Girls to perform a cappella then they just need enough space to stand in for themselves. For the 7-piece backing band option, they would need a space of at least 5m wide x 4m deep.



How long do The Candy Girls need to set up? 
The Candy Girls need at least an hour to set up the PA and sound check in advance of the performance, a minimum of 90 minutes for the band option, and for the a cappella option, they just need enough time to change into their costumes! The Candy Girls prefer to carry out sound-checks before the arrival of guests where possible.



Will the band I book be the exact same people as in the pictures/video’s?

Usually, but not always. The Candy Girls are all full time professional singers and as such will sometimes individually be away on tours or doing sessions with named acts. They have a core team as seen in the pictures and videos but they also have fantastic dep singers to cover them when they are not available – you will always have at least one of the featured singers on the gig and The Candy Girls will absolutely ensure the performance is up to the high standard you expect, whatever the line up.


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